CBD is a type of natural chemical that you will find in cannabis. But, since CBD is evolving, you can even use it for pets. It is one of the excellent ways to treat conditions in dogs that makes you curious about how it will benefit them. You must understandContinue Reading


A great approach to save money is to purchase dog food in large quantities. To keep it from rotting or losing some of its nutritious content, it must be stored properly. Without proper packaging and storage, dry dog food can lose up to 50% of some vitamins in just sixContinue Reading

Raw Dog Food

Raw Food – Is It The Way To Go? You just need to read the list of ingredients on the label of a dog food to understand the quantity of unneeded ingredients the food contains. There are fillers, additives and even meat that has an uncertain source. In light ofContinue Reading

at home pet euthanasia nyc

Observing our pets’ quality of life decline is difficult. It might be time to look into the choices for his end-of-life care if your four-legged buddy is ill, has been injured, or is beginning to feel the unpleasant effects of aging. Although you don’t want to see them suffering, youContinue Reading

Emotional Support Animals

Are you considering getting a dog for emotional support? If so, you should know a few things before making your decision. Not all breeds of dogs are created equal when providing emotional support. Some species are better suited for this task than others. Here is a list of the topContinue Reading

Cbd oil for dogs

In addition to consuming the oil orally, you can rub it directly into your dog’s skin. If you are worried about their well-being, consider creating an appropriate CBD oil recipe for dogs to be used topically. You should always consult a veterinarian before using any supplement, including CBD oil forContinue Reading

Dog Supplies

Your dog can be your best friend yet. Unfortunately, dogs are more faithful friends than most of our human friends. So, it is only right to treat type dogs right.  The earlier you start treating them as members of your family the better for you. All the care and attentionContinue Reading

removing a tick from a dog

One of the major concerns that every pet owner would have is whether their pets get ticks or fleas in their body. Because ticks are not only frustrating but they cause serious health issues to the animals. So, it is significant removing a tick from a dog as quickly asContinue Reading