Dogs can have a sensitive stomach for many reasons and your poorly pup could be missing out on a whole host of fun activities because you’re worried he might have diarrhea at the worst possible time. The first step tro remedying the issue is to figure out what’s causing yourContinue Reading

When it comes to the favorite breed of dog, the Bulldog is the one which is liked by many people. No doubt, all dogs are friendly. However, Bulldogs are the one who socializes with anyone either human or animal. People who love bulldogs like to wear bulldogs jewelry to showContinue Reading

The summer awakens the desire to enjoy a beautiful day of sun and sea with our pets. But if it is the first day of your dog on the beach, it is best to redouble your care. The moments of leisure and shared fun are fundamental for the animals toContinue Reading

Baths every 2 months, nail clipping every 2 weeks, ear wax removal every week, fur and teeth brushing 2-3 times a week—imagine squeezing all that into your already busy life.  If it sounds impossible, now is the time to select a professional groomer for your dog. You may say thatContinue Reading

How to Teach Your New Puppy Basic Commands

Every year, thousands of families across the world welcome a new member to the family. We’ve all seen the videos, the one’s that are just too cute and endearing to not melt even the stoniest of hearts, the videos where a new puppy is introduced to the children and adultsContinue Reading

We all love dogs. It is because of their unbounded friendliness that dogs have this reputation. But people are almost always afraid ofstray dogs. The basic difference between a well behaved dog and a not so well behaved dog is training. Training forms an essential part of your as wellContinue Reading

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Many pet lovers love their dogs just like their own children. I must admit that I am a dog lover. Once you have your dog, you will end up with two dogs, then three and four hours and five … They will soon add and enjoy having them. Dogs areContinue Reading

Majority of people believe that the dogs only chew when they have pain in their teeth or new teeth coming out from the gum where this is not true. Usually, the chewing is linked with the puppies and the growing dogs where dogs of any age can chew because theyContinue Reading