Best Dog Breeds to Find If You Already Own a Cat

Even though the world is divided between a cat and dog lovers, some people love them equally, but choosing whether you should live with one or another could be a stressful decision.

You probably know that dogs and cats do not get along well with cats, and that happens for numerous reasons that derive from primal instincts. Some dogs do not have issues with cats whatsoever.You should visit the Dog Life HQ official website; so that you can learn more aboutthe equipment you need when you decide to purchase the first dog for your particular needs.

Remember that terriers, for example, are full of energy, feisty,and tenacious, which means that they are bred to kill and hunt small furry things.

That is the main reason why they retain the instinct to exterminate and chase smaller animals, and that is why they do not have a great relationship with cats.

On the other hand, choosing a herding dog means that they will have the instinct to herd all family members as well as cats, which your cat may not prefer, based on its activities.

That is the main reason why you should consider working dog breeds that have learned over time that they have to protect and watch over other animals as well as human friends. They tend to see small creatures such as cats as a part of a family, and they will take care of everyone as a result.

Scent hounds were bred in packs, which mean that they are friendly with other animals as well. Toy dogs are mostly bred for as companions, which mean that they will get along with cats as well as other animals.

Sporting dogs such as spaniels and retrievers are also getting along correctly with cats and other furry animals. It is vital to notice that we have created a list of generalized breeds that can get along with cats, but every single dog is an individual.

Therefore, even if beagles are good with cats in general, your beagle may not share the same affection. That is the main reason why you should introduce them cautiously until you areutterlyconfident that they are getting along correctly.

Remember that breeds with lower energy are a better choice, because ones with high levels of energy have the drive to chase a pray, and even though they do not wish to harm your cat, the chasing could cause havoc to both you and your household.

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Breeds That Get Along With Cats 

  • Beagle– We have mentioned beagles above, and you should know that they are scent hounds, which means that they are using exceptional sense to sniff out and smell out prey. Back in the day, beagles were bred in large packs and accompanied hunters on horseback or foot. Therefore, it was highly essential for them to to get along with other animals as well. They tend to be friendly and gregarious, which means that they will get used to any animal you have in a household.
  • Basset Hound –Similarly as Beagles, the Basset Hounds are also scent hounds that were used for various purposes in the past. Have in mind that they have been bred in packs, which means that they are amicable and friendly in general. Since they have long and heavy bodies in combination with short legs, remember that they are slow moving, which is an excellent choice if you own a cat.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – When it comes to this particular dog breed, you should have in mind that it is a part of toy dogs that are common among households across the USA. They were bred with a single idea to be loyal and loving lap dogs and human companions. Therefore, you can rest assured, because Cavaliers are perfect as they come, and they will get along with any animal and person around you.
  • Collie – Even though the Collie is formidable and popular dog breed, most people call it Lassie due to movie character that took our lives and the lives of our parents as well. Even though herding breeds are not perfect choices when it comes to living with cats, Collies do not have herding drive similarly as other races that you can find. They are highly gentle with family pets and children, which is the main reason why you should have them along with cats.
  • Golden Retriever –Generally speaking, this is the most popular dog breed in the world, and the main reason for that is that retrievers are gentle when it comes to handling other animals and socializing. They have high manners with both people and smaller animals, which means that you can have both cat and golden retriever and they will enjoy together along the way. Have in mind that this dog breed is sweet, gentle,and loving, and they can live with any animal, but you have to introduce them properly.
  • Poodle – The aristocratic breed known for its aesthetical appeal, poodles do not share the same drive as other dogs. They tend to be calm when they are at home, and since they are highly prominent and popular, you can choose various sizes from toy, miniature,and However, all varieties are the same when it comes to living peacefully with other animals that you have in your household.


It is crucial for you to remember that in general, you can socialize any dog breed with cats, but you need patience and proper way of introducing them.

In here, we wanted to present you, which breeds have a natural drive towards small animals, which means that they would be much more challenging to train than the ones we have mentioned above.

In both cases, you should not follow everything we told as a rule, because everything depends on the way, you socialized your dog and other features and characteristics that are highly individual and depend from dog to dog and owner to owner as well.