How to choose the best vet recommended dog chews

Majority of people believe that the dogs only chew when they have pain in their teeth or new teeth coming out from the gum where this is not true. Usually, the chewing is linked with the puppies and the growing dogs where dogs of any age can chew because they love to do it to explore their jaw. Other than this, the chewing is actually good for the dogs because it makes their jaw strong, chewing muscles clean and healthy. So, next time when you found that your dog is chewing, do not need to be worried about because chewing is not always linked to teeth disorder or pain in their jaw or teeth etc.

You need to be worried about your dog only when you found that they are chewing something which can harm their teeth, jaw muscles and even the digest system. Not everything your dog chew is chewable. For example, the chewing shoes, furniture, clothes and even just a random ball of hard plastic can be caused by many health problems in your dog. So, it is necessary that you purchase a vet recommended dog chews if you do not want to see your dog in pain.

When it’s come to choose dog chews, we have so many options available. Not everything available in the market with the label “dog chews” is safe. Taking advice from the vet is best option to purchase the best dog chew. Your vet can recommend the chew after considering different things which include the age of your dog, breed, teeth care and the jaw muscles etc. Generally, the vet recommends the soft chews for the puppies where a big hard for the adult and grown dogs. Whatever you choose or whatever your vet recommend to you, make sure that the dog chews are not very hard and made up of a material which can cause the health problem.

If you are not sure that what type of dog’s chews the vet will recommend you then here is the quick guide for you:

Know the types of dog chews:

Usually, it has been believed that the dog chews are made for the playing purpose only where today in the market the eatable chews are also available. So, you must know that which chew will be suitable for your dog. For the puppy, the eatable chews with good nutrition will be a great choice as compare to other types of dog chews.

Know the material of chews:

The chews could be made with any chewable material including plastic, rubber, and cloth. Make sure that you are choosing the right material of chew. The chews made with hard plastics could be very dangerous for your dog because it can be broken in the pieces and your dog can swallow it which could be the cause of the internal blockage.

Know the size of dog chews:

The size of a chew depends on the size of your dog. For puppies, chose the chews with small size where for adult and grown dogs, the dog chews size should be according to their height and overall size.