Teaching your pet dog to perform tricks

Teaching tricks to your pet dog can be fun, though it needs a lot of patience and time. It is important not to spend over five minutes per day practicing a trick with the dog because the whole process can become very bored. You should try to end a training session on a positive note so that your dog associates itself with the experience with much pleasure. There are a few healthy treats you can try out. Fetch is an activity that many dogs do automatically and it does not need any real training. However, some dogs may not do it willingly and require a little assistance. Make a small slit in the ball and place tasty treats inside. Let the dog sniff it before the ball is thrown. Every time the ball is picked up by the dog, tell him to come near you and thereafter, release the treats. It will not take a long time before your pet chases any object willingly thrown at him, even when there are not any treats inside. Ultimate Dog is a great option to know the tricks of your dog.

Shake paws

Shake Paws is a cool dog trick, which impresses everybody. You should begin by giving a command to your dog to sit. Hold a treat for your pet in your hand and then show it to him. Once he gets the attention, fold your palms. The dog shall try to reach out to the hidden treat by raising his paw. When he does so, say “well done” and then give him the treat. The moment he attempts to stand up, give him the command to sit. Give him the command “shake paws” once he gets used to raising his paw in order to reach out to your hand.

Play dead

It is always good to see your dog lie down and play dead once the owner performs the bang gesture. It takes a lot of patience to teach your pet this trick but once he masters it, you will receive plenty of praises. Begin by giving the command to your dog to lie down. Rub his belly so that he feels comfortable and then roll him over gently to his side. Give your pet a treat. The dog shall feel comfortable after a while. This is when you should give the command “sleep” or “stay” or “play dead” to complete the bang gesture. The Ultimate dog is a good option to learn this trick.