The First Day with Your Dog on the Beach

The summer awakens the desire to enjoy a beautiful day of sun and sea with our pets. But if it is the first day of your dog on the beach, it is best to redouble your care.

The moments of leisure and shared fun are fundamental for the animals to grow up happy and healthy. But if the dog is not ready, a ride can turn into damage to the health and well-being of all who are around.

Therefore, each owner should take due care in advance so that the days with the dog on the beach are cause for joy and do not generate a headache. In addition, there are a lot of helpful dog accessories and supplies available at that can help you treat your dog efficiently.

By following the tips below, it will be easier to prepare your pet.

Socialize the dog before taking him to the beach

The first day of a dog on the beach involves a radical change of environment and many new experiences for him, especially if your pet is not accustomed to living with other people and animals.

Ideal is to socialize the dog while still a puppy, between the first 6 or 7 months of life. It is also possible to socialize an adult dog by exposing it to contact with other animals. It’s important to start by introducing you to just one dog, in a controlled environment. Later, he may gradually become accustomed to living with other dogs.

Gradual adaptation

Your dog needs to get used to the new stimuli. So introduce the beach little by little. Start by taking him to walk the waterfront at times of little motion.

Teach him to express his needs

It is very unpleasant for a dog to urinate and relieve itself in the sand or at sea. You may need help of a coach or learn yourself.

Vaccines and departures in day

To avoid exposing your dog at beach, consult your veterinarian and update his vaccination card. It is highly recommended to administer anti-parasitic treatment a few weeks before beach trip.

Skin care

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun is harmful to animals and humans. It is advisable to consult the veterinarian before using any sunscreen product for your dot at beach.

Beware of paws and ears

Sand and hot concrete potentiate radiation and emanate heat. This can cause burns to your dog’s paws. Humidity and heat favor the proliferation of fungi and bacteria in the auditory canal of dogs.

Enhanced hydration

On the beach, the dog loses a lot of liquid. It does not transpire through the pores of the skin, like humans. On hot days, it is important to strengthen hydration . Provide plenty of shade and fresh water for your best friend.