tips to keep your dog healthy

Top 8 tips to keep your dog healthy

Having a dog in your life is one of the best things. Although they live for a short period of time, they make your life better and leave fruitful memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life. While they stay in your life, it’s very important to take proper care of them. By doing so, you not only maintain their health, but also prolong their lifespan. Many dog owners lack appropriate expertise in the pet health department. Don’t be one of them. This guide explains some of the best tips that help in keeping your dog healthy. So, please continue reading.


To keep chronic and life-threatening diseases such as cancer at bay, you should neuter or spay your dog depending on the gender. By spaying your female dog, you can avoid pyometra, uterus infection, and breast cancer. Neutering a male dog prevents prostate diseases, testicular cancer, and hernias.


Puppies usually have the protective antibodies lasting up to three months in their infancy. After that, they need external help in fighting infections and diseases. As a pet owner, you have to provide such help by vaccinating your dog to keep your dog healthy

Vet Consultations:

Like humans, dogs also need regular health check-ups. So, make sure that you take your dog to the vet consistently. They will check for any types of disorder or diseases and prescribe necessary medicines and any other remedies that are essential.

Eliminate Ticks and Fleas:

Parasites such as fleas and ticks can cause serious harm to your dog. They can spread allergies, infections, tapeworms, and anemia. There are many anti-tick products available. So, try to give them to your dog regularly.

Dog Exercise:


Exercise is not only for you but for your dog as well. Depending on your dog’s breed, you need to take your dog for regular walks and exercises. Since each breed is different, ask your vet to suggest appropriate exercise routine for your dog.

Weight Control:

It doesn’t matter how much you love your dog; you must never overfeed your dog. Unlike humans, dogs can’t decide themselves on their food intake limits. So, you’re responsible for your dog’s weight.

Beware of Dangerous Foods:

tips to keep your dog healthy

A dog’s digestive system differs a lot from the human’s digestive mechanism. So, your dog can’t digest every type of food that we eat. Some foods such as onions, garlic, raisins, and many others can be quite dangerous for a dog. So, don’t feed such items to your dog.

Brush Their Teeth:

Tooth decay and gum infections are prevalent in dogs. So, ensure that their teeth are brushed regularly. If not treated, such infections can enter their bloodstream and cause serious damage. You can buy canine toothpaste and brush for this purpose.


As they say, dogs are indeed our best friends. So, as a true friend, it is your duty to take care of them properly. By following the above-mentioned health tips, you can seamlessly maintain your dog’s health. If you have any doubts, try to get clarified by consulting your vet.