Mistakes to avoid when buying Cardinal Bird Feeder

If you are a bird lover then you will love watching birds. The only option to watch birds in your yards is to attract them with food. Cardinal birds are very beautiful and their chirping sound is very beautiful that can take you closer to the nature. These are real trophy birds and the Cardinal Bird Feeder should be very special. To enjoy their presence, it is important to buy a right type of the feeder that should be filled with food on the regular basis. The majority of the people buy the feeders but they do not succeed in attracting the birds. For this purpose, it is important to know which types of mistakes you are doing.

  1. Reflective Surfaces

Cardinals are self-protective birds and they love their territory. They are well-known to attack on their own reflection. If you want your birds to come again and again to take the food then you should choose the feeder that has not glass or mirror. It should be kept far from the window. Cover the mirrors of your car with paper bags.

  1. Dangerous Chemicals

Cardinals are very sensitive. Do not use chemicals fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides near the cardinal feeding area. It contaminates water and food. It can be harmful for them. You know that chemicals are not eco-friendly. It can create risk for their life.

  1. Your pets should not approach their feeding area

If you have pets in your home then it is good to keep them away from these areas. Do not put Cardinal Bird’s feeders in the low area or near the shrubs. Keeping it near or on the hedges cannot be suggested because predators can approach it.

There are some other factors on which you should focus on. Keep their feeder clean and attractive for them. It should be kept in the safe area.

Is there any water source for them?

Your cardinal birds need cleanliness and tidy environment. They love bathing instead of drinking. The installation of fountain or a small pool for them is a great idea to attract them. In some areas, people install bird waterers and birdbaths. It increases the beauty of your lawn or garden. Your cardinal birds are in large in size. Change the water on the regular basis. It means that you need to clean the water.

The trend of the modern bird pools in the new homes is getting popularity. The small pool for birds tends to construct on small area. It is a space-saving option. These items are great to increase the beauty of your home. You can fix water features and upgraded materials like waterfalls and fountains.

If you have birdsbath pools then it will be easier for you to clean it because it can be prevented from dirt built up. Cardinals love their area and they stay at the same place never leave in the winter.  Making a permanent birdbath area or small pool for these cardinals is a good idea