I have a cat and she’s overweight. She is not a Maine Coon and at 23 pounds, she weighs more than my Fox Terrier. I don’t think a cat should grow up to outweigh a Fox Terrier. And my Vet agrees with me.

I used to have a lot of time on my hands. Until about two months ago, I was a stay at home mom. I had enough time to feed Tabby and Terry (the Fox Terrier). I scheduled their meals and was always there to play with them, take a walk and generally have a fun time. Tabby is a little more aggressive than Terry, but they get along well together that I didn’t have to worry about settling any cat and dog disputes.

But a couple months ago, I got a job. And I work shifts. When I have night shifts, it’s not a problem. I feed them and go to work. I know they’ll both sleep like logs of wood till morning. But when I have day shifts, that’s when the trouble start. After feeding them in the morning, I know they’ll both be hungry before I get back from work so I just dump enough food in their bowls to last them till evening, hoping they’ll pace themselves. Terry does. But Tabby doesn’t. She would eat all the food in one go and then eat Terry’s too! I’d never heard of a cat who ate dog food. I thought it was supposed to be the other way round. So the resultant effect was that Tabby started rapidly gaining weight and Terry was losing.

My Vet suggested buying an Audomatic Pet Feeder. I did. And I was surprised at theoh so many features that it has. With it I can schedule their meal times with the exact quantity of food I want them to have. I don’t even have to wake up early in the morning to feed them. The pet feeder does that. Tabby tried to get inside once but it has sealed lids that she couldn’t pry open with her paws. I can even control it with a WiFi. It has a built in memory that remembers what they ate and when. With this pet feeder, I really don’t have to worry about keeping their feeding schedules anymore.

Now that Tabby can’t steal Terry’s food, she’s gradually going back to her normal weight, and I really don’t think that eating dog food is good for her. This pet feeder saved both my pets. One from starving, the other from obesity.