Basic information about the dog fences

Keeping your dog in your property where it should belong to actually means building a fence around. This is considered to be an expensive investment, when you are living in an urban region or suburban region then obviously one may have to spend more on getting the permits for building. When you are letting your dog in the yard and seeing him coming in after a long time spent outside will bring peace in mind. One of the alternative ways that is used most commonly is installing the electric dog fences and wireless dog fences that will be helpful in keeping your best friend at your home or property alone. This does not cost much when comparing the physical fences.

How does this dog fence work?

The electric dog fencing works in such a way that it consists of buried wire in your property area which keeps your dog traced all the time, these buried wires act as antennae which is attached to the base unit and the transmitter. The transmitter will emit the radio frequency waves which are received by the unit that is present in the dog collar. One could find two different types of electric dog fences which are as follows:

  • The electric dog fence that work by sending a warning tone to your dog which reaches the location by means of buried wire. If the dog approaches the buried wire then it will receive the electronic connection from there on.
  • The second category also use the warning tone but then when your dog approaches the buried wire then spray is spread in order to correct the dog’s path.

In both the types, it is must that the dog has to be trained in order to interact within the property. This training period can long last for up to 30 days which are required for keeping your dog being safe at home. There will be 45 minutes of training everyday to make your dog understand the mechanisms. But however, the period of training may get extended based on the capability of your dog. Sometimes it will be taken even to the critical training session that is helpful in making your dog to learn better. These kinds of electric fences do not always go well with all the dogs.

Advanced version of dog fences

An advanced version to the electric fences is the wireless dog fences that consist of two parts called transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is installed on the collar of the dog and the base station set with a power of 110 V. The collar will be receiving the signal from the batteries. Because of this set up it is easy for letting your dog to roam freely without any restrictions. The “program” that is set on the collar will alert the dog when it crosses the desired boundary. Some wireless systems even allow two dogs for controlling. Under the perfect condition, it is always good to set up the boundary limit for up to 200 feet radius. And it is also a good idea to set the base station on non-metal regions and also away from large appliances. Thus, these wonderful inventions are helpful in allowing your dog to be in a safe zone.