Best Dog Clippers: Groom Your Golden Retriever Like A PRO

Golden Retrievers are one of the dog breeds that have the best coat. However, they are also very hard to maintain. With their dense and thick coat, grooming ti can be challenging. If you don’t have the professional dog clippers specifically for Golden Retrievers, it would be tough. So where can you buy the best dog clippers for Golden Retriever?

You can purchase them from your pet supplies store. You can also get them online. You just have to be careful in purchasing products online. Make sure that you are doing the transaction with reputable sources and it would be best if you can find the best dog resource site.

best dog resource site

Best Golden Retriever Clippers

As hard as it can be, as long as you have the high-quality golden retriever clippers, grooming their double coats will be as easy as you can imagine. Rather than going to professional dog groomers who can sometimes charge you too much for their dog service, invest in your own professional dog clippers. It is not that hard to shave off their hair. Just find a good pair of heavy duty professional dog clippers and you’re good to go!

  • Andis ProClip AGC2. This is the top choice for most professional pet groomers and personal owners. This is even used by some farmers to groom their horses. The reason why there’s a high demand for Proclip AGC2 is that is, it was designed for heavy-duty usage. It has two speeds but is very quiet because of its top of the line rotary motor. When trimming the thicker part of the coat, speed it up and it can run up to 4400 strokes per minute.
  • Wahl Professional Animal KM2 Clipper Kit 9757-200. If you check out the Best Dog Resource Sites about the professional clippers that dog groomers use, this Wahl Professional Animal KM2 Clipper Kit 9757-200 is usually on the list. If you want to save money from going to professional dog groomers, then you should get one of this clippers. This comes with a #10 detachable blade. It’s quiet and heavy duty as well.
  • Wahl 8787-450A MiniArco. This is another dog clipper designed by Wahl. It has power and functionality and you can use it while it’s corded. This is one of the best clippers for home grooming your golden retriever. This clipper has a powerful 6000 strokes per minute. It’s quiet because of its high-quality rotary motor. The blade can be easily detached and it comes with the #30 trimmer blade.

Personally grooming our dogs in the comforts of our home will not only help us save money from paying for these services, it will be a great way to bond with your pets. Our dogs will need our love and attention. Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dogs. They can feel how you feel towards them. Grooming them is easy now for you to do. As long as you have the right grooming tools like the Golden Retriever professional clippers, your dog will be groomed regularly in no time!