Syrian hamsters

Can Hamster live together?

The most frequently and general questions asked by the owners/animal lover who raises Hamster in their household. Can hamster live together?

The answer is very simple. Most of hamsters breed can live together but important point is you must know that which bread of hamster is yours. There are two types of hamsters breed in general; Syrian hamsters and dwarf hamsters whether your hamster is Syrian breed or dwarf hamsters one or another one. If they are staying together you can feed them mangoes to the hamsters they eat mangoes together very friendly.

Syrian hamsters generally are very territorial of their space, they doesn’t share their space, they normally grows up to 8inches in length when they are fully grown whereas, the dwarf hamsters normally maximum growths hardly nearly 4inches; mostly are of 2 to 3inches. Syrian hamsters will be not familiar in sharing their space as they enjoy company of their family members not even from their same bread. Syrian hamsters are very active and curious in general. They enjoy interaction with their family only. Even though they look very similar as one but the Syrian hamster tends to have more rounder and larger eyes compare to dwarfs hamsters. Hence, questing still linger, Can hamster live together. Yes, Hamsters can live together but Syrian hamster doesn’t live together with another hamster.


It is known that Syrian hamsters normally can’t share their cage with other species of hamsters whereas; dwarf hamsters on the hand are fairly sociable pets. Dwarf hamsters are able to live in a cage with other hamsters without any circumstance. They are tending to be way more active, tiny and fast. Unlike Syrian hamsters dwarfs will run and hide when a human tries to handle or pet them in general. They rather prefer to enjoy company alone or with other dwarf hamsters. So, Can hamster live together. Yes, Dwarf hamsters are very much live together with other hamsters.

For the owners who want to keep two or more hamsters together, dwarf hamsters are recommended. They can live happily live together in pairs and groups as long as they are given their adequate space.

Even after that if you’re still planning to keep different breads of hamsters together. There are few general tricks through which you can try keeping multiple hamsters in one cage or their space.

1. Provide big space

It is one of the foremost important tricks; first is to provide enough big space for them to have their own friendly open area instead of putting them together in a small cage. In big space, they will be able to play around separately. And gradually, will be able to play, interact and live together in one space.

2. Introduce them.

Even though different bread of hamsters doesn’t get along at first, you (owner) must introduce them especially if they are bought in at same period of time, it will be a lot easier for them to share a space. Hamsters’ nature of territory is same as other animals. If another one is brought after period gap of first one, previous one tends to be very protective about their space which leads to un-healthy environment for the second hamsters and will lead to fights among them which is why it is very important to introduce them first thing after putting them in their space to live them together.

3. Prepare separate feeding area

One most vital area to avoid fights is to provide each hamster with their own food bowl and water bottle. This will genuinely lead to reduction for causing fights as hamsters will always eat elsewhere if the dominant hamster is feeling protective of his or her food.

4. Keep update on their behavior

Even if at first your hamsters have been getting well but suddenly hamsters starts attacking each other. To prevent you must monitor their behavior time to time. If one act violently towards other one. They must be separated for time being. After weeks, try to put the hamster in main cage and reintroduce them to have a neutral ground. If its work, its best hamster, they can live together again but if they start getting irritable with each other. It is best to separate them permanently as it is what’s best for your pets mentally and physically.

5. Gender

Before adopting the hamster, you must have knowledge which gender that you want to pet because it is not reliable to put male and female hamsters in one space instead putting same gender of hamsters can live together.

Even after all mentioned method one might still wonder; can hamster live together. They can if you provide enough time and attention to opt the tricks handsomely. Hamsters in general are very territory species of pet. It is important to get them along in order to able live them together in one space.

Additional vital point is that if can hamster live together. If you want your hamster to live together with another hamster, take the breads of hamster which can be able to share their space as dwarf hamsters or one must try four elements of tricks which can help in keeping different breads of hamster in one space.