Great White Shark vs Saltwater Crocodile- who will win?

Most of the time it is thought that the size of the predator matters a lot and the bigger the predator is, the better it is for the predator. But, that is not the case always, apart from the size there are several other factors that matter a lot in a duel. So, whether it is a Great White Shark or the Saltwater Crocodile, who will win the fight depends on several factors that we are about to disclose here.

Though Great White Shark is big enough, it is believed that Saltwater Crocodile will win the race if they come face to face and that is due to many factors. One of them is the injuries that this Great White Shark will have on its body due to the fight.

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Great White Shark or the Saltwater Crocodile – Who will win?

Though the size of the Great white shark is big enough to scare many, it itself will get intimidated by the large predator in the shape Saltwater crocodile. Therefore, it is believed that it would rather prefer to swim away from this saltwater crocodile rather than facing it and winning the fight.

This is due to the fact that Great White Sharks are not that aggressive, and they prefer to stay away from bites and bumps, if they are able to do so. Great White Shark generally doesn’t associate Saltwater Crocodile as their prey, so they prefer to stay away from them and do not get into any kind of duel with this 3000 lb Crocodile.

The strong bite of Saltwater Crocodile

The Saltwater Crocodile is known to be the one who can take down prey that is almost the same size like some horse or cattle or even the boats are not spared by the crocodiles. They just must use their strong jaws, which have strong bite capacity to take down the Great White Shark. Some people also experimented with saltwater crocodile fights with African lions, small pythons, large anaconda’s. There are different results every time.

But, on the other hand if you talk about Great White Shark, then you will see that though they have a huge jaw, they are not strong enough to face the Saltwater Crocodile.

In this scenario, the Saltwater Crocodile only has to bite down the fin of the Great White Shark and it would lose its balance and drown in the water all by itself. The Great White shark will start bleeding, and this will be the cause of its death. So, the Saltwater Crocodile won’t find it difficult to take over the Great White Shark at any point of time.

It happens due to the fact that the jaws of Great White shark are only meant to fed on flesh and blubber, which doesn’t require much stronger teeth as compared to that of Saltwater crocodile, which hunts on land as well and has to feed on tough meat and thick fur as well. The crocodile scales are also a matter of consideration for the Great White Sharks because they will find it problematic to deep penetrate it with their jaws.

This doesn’t mean that the Great White Sharks aren’t skilled hunters; instead they are known to be highly skilled hunters of the water, but even after staying in the same waters of Northern America, Great White Sharks try to maintain safe distance from the Saltwater Crocodile.

The fact remains that saltwater crocodile is still considered to be the fiercest animal in the water and there is no one who can come closer to those big and powerful jaws with the help of which they can take down almost anything. In this fight, Saltwater Crocodile will emerge as a winner.