How can you train your cat to stop bitting

How can you train your cat to stop bitting?

Cats are animals that are used to biting. Cute cats can at times get aggressive and can bit any new visitor at your home. So, in case you have cat that behaves in this pattern then it is important for you to take necessary steps. So just like all other animals, you can train cats so they stop biting other. The art requires a lot of patience and results are always positive. You can collect more details from other crazy cat lady blog or other websites.

Getting familiar with reasons

Even before you get started with training process, it is important that you get familiar with the reason why your cat is used to biting people. There are chances that the cat may be getting over excited, bored, frustrated or overzealous and so she is used to biting others.

Some cats are also a bit fussy and so the moment they dislike any act they will start biting. This is also one of the ways most cats may make use of to alarm or notify you that they don’t like what you are doing to them.

This may be one of the ways the cats may make use of for alarming their others. They may take this way to protest any act and so it is important for owners to stop behaving the way they are with the cat.

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Avoid teasing

There are a number of cats who are not used to being teased. They may also feel that you are trying to play with them using your hands. They see your fingers as a part of playing toy. This may be one of the reasons why most cats bite when you play with them. The fact is that cats think your fingers are a toy and so they get started with the play act. So it is ideal to play with a cat using a toy.

Stop at the right time

It is ideal that you try and identify the right time when you need to stop playing with them. So the moment you feel that your cat starts biting it is the right time for you to stop playing with her. In case you want to get more familiar with cats nature you can search around for more information on website like crazy cat lady blog. So the moment you want to train your cat not to bite then it is advisable to stop playing with the moment they start biting in the game play.