How To Provide Proper Care To Parrots

Petting a parrot can be so adorable. It is the only pet that can human-talk. Indeed, parrots are one of the cutest and adorable pets at home. These little feathered pets can make your day colorful, starting by greeting you good morning, complimenting you as beautiful, and even talk to them like they respond to you.

Petting a parrot is a responsibility as an owner. Most of the pet owners simply have their parrots at home, just for decoration. Yes, this is true. Why? These pet owners simply place their parrots in the cage and feed them – that’s all. Always remember that parrots are living them, which means they have to be cared for and paid attention to.

Giving the proper care is needed, from feeding them, keeping them healthy, and making them happy parrots. Yes, don’t simply consider them as a pet but as a member of the family. Here, you will understand how parrots are cared for and how to make them happy.


Parrot bathing and humidity

At, some tips and tricks about having healthy and happy parrots are listed. Proper care to your talkie parrots is not only their needs but also your responsibility as an owner. Parrots living in the wild are living in humid environments, where frequent rainfall is a natural occurrence.

The feathers, skin, and respiratory systems of parrots are designed to live in a very wet climate. Once exotic birds are not provided with this kind of environment captivity, an inflammation is possible to develop. It targets their respiratory system and may result in painful skin conditions. The feathers will start plucking.

Therefore, providing a humid environment to them is very important. Since you are petting a parrot and keeping them at home with you, the last thing that you can do is to bathe them. Aside from providing a humid environment, you have to provide some ways for the parrots to bathe themselves.

Regular shows and bathes emulate the frequent rainfall that is possible for them to experience while not living in their natural habitat. It is very crucial to their skin as well as to their feather health. You can bathe them once a week, which is the minimum recommended amount.

The humidity levels for pet parrots are vital. A humidifier can be a big help for them if they can’t get enough humidity they need while living in a house. A humidifier with a built-in hygrometer helps you set a specific humidity that is good for them.

Ways to bath parrots

There are several ways to bath parrots, such as:

  • Provide automatic misting system
  • Taking parrots in a shower
  • Spraying water to their body
  • Provide shallow dish with warm water

All these are simple and good ways to bathe them.

Love your pet and they feel happy and healthy.