I believe writing about your own pet is a biggie,said no PET CONTENT WRITER ever,it’s like having the lead character of your novel  infront of your eyes all the time.Even though you have enough material already ready you still have to decide what to insert what not,there are certain things readers relate to while some are left unnoticed

Let’s follow these steps to make PET CONTENT WRITING JOBS easier:


As a PET CONTENT WRITER try to dig in as much as content about your pet so that you are never short of material once you start writing,be it picture proofs or the poses you adore,anything you have in written about your pet be it a conversation with you or memory of a particular moment.It saves time as well as gives you ample time to weave a story around a certain event.


Though it’s your pet who’s going to be the lead of the show,it’s you who’s the event organizer..It’s you who decides what stays in while what leaves your’s you who decides what character your pet is going to be ,what superpowers it sports if any,what look it is going to carry,and how it gets involved with other pets or humans  in the story if there are any.From it’s awkward sleeping postures  to the favourite food,from the headless favourite toy lying around the bed to the  annoying habit of stealing another pet’s food,you can take inspiration from anything.


Making a rough draft of how the story is going to unfold itself is as important as writing itself,it’s like writing down the script of a drama with no real dialogues in it.Before creating an original manuscript a writer should jot down his/her thoughts in a rough way to understand his/her level of understanding and the thought process .


Enough with the beating around the bushes,once the outline is ready ,one shouldn’t delay in filling in the story with the help of collectables and the ongoing stunts of the lead hero(your pet)  snoring away to glory somewhere around you.The best part of writing about your pet is no day is a dull day,you are never short of material cos every second day unfolds a new drama.Though as FREELANCE CONTENT WRITERi’d suggest you to keep  the genuinity of your pet intact,keep in mind that you are not writing about some strange alien from distant planet you do not identify with rather it’s your abnormally salivating,foodstealing,socially awkward pet,i believe your readers connect with you and your story till the time you yourself connect with yours.In the end,try to use high end vocabulary and catchy phrases just to keep things interesting.


It doesnt matter if you are a FREELANCE PET WRITER or a professional PET CONTENT WRITER always check if the story left it’s track somewhere and if at some place the moment was left hanging,proofreading is a must.

Hope it is of any help to you.