The Importance of the Vet

Whether you own a cat, dog, or any number of exotic pets, you cannot afford to put off a vet visit at least once a year. These check-ups allow your pet to remain healthy and avoid potential issues long before they lead to something dangerous. Remember, few animals live to be as old as humans, and missing just one annual check-up could be equivalent to missing three or more. For this reason, you must take the time to watch for any signs of trouble and bring your pet for reliable help each year.


Cats are fragile creatures and are not as completely domesticated as dogs. Many cat owners are shocked to discover after adopting their first cat that they can catch many of the same diseases humans can catch. For example, felines are susceptible to a type of AIDs, which can lead to a number of health problems, including death, without treatment. If you keep your cat primarily indoors, be sure you never allow them outdoors, as they are more likely to receive the disease from wild cats in your neighbourhood. Experienced Ku Ring Gai vet staff from Gordon Vet can help you work through treatment options and catch the problem early.


Although it is not uncommon for a dog to tire itself out and skip a meal, you should be concerned if you notice your dog avoiding food or water for long stretches of time. The best animal healthcare practice in Turramurra vet can help you get to the bottom of the issue while avoiding potentially dangerous problems later on. Paralysis ticks are one such problem that may go unnoticed for some days, and the symptoms of paralysis will eventually lead to the death of the dog. For this reason, be sure to regularly look over your dog’s body for ticks and other parasites, especially if they spend any amount of time in grassy areas.

Exotic Pets

Other pets, such as rodents, require specific handling at the vet. When visiting the right vet for help, you can trust that you are being given the most reliable services for the betterment of your small friend. If you think you might want to purchase a rodent, such as a rat, be sure to contact your local vet for information about their care and food. In addition, you may want to consider purchasing two of these animals if you spend long hours away from home.