Bird Food Tips

Top Money-Saving Bird Food Tips

You’ve probably noticed that birdseed costs steadily rise if you’re a backyard birder. With the rising cost of bird feed, there are specific strategies you may use to reduce the economic effect. The following are the top 7 cheaper alternatives on bird food:

  1. Purchase a large quantity of birdseed.

Birdseed bought in bulk will cost less per pound than seed purchased in small quantities. This method is only recommended to feed your feathery friends frequently enough to keep the seed fresh. Weevils, safflower seeds, caterpillars, and other unpleasant insects will be attracted to bird food that sits about.

  1. Purchase high-quality birdseed.

Let’s face it, when costs are high, it’s tempting to buy inexpensive grocery store seed packs. It’s not a good idea! Cheap seed packets include low-quality components that birds overlook and, quite frankly, create a mess. If the major components are wheat, milo, and barley, you’ve bought a terrible bag of bird food.

  1. Select the appropriate seed.

Why birds food that doesn’t interest you when costs are high? Find out what kind of seed your favorite feathered buddy like and only purchase that sort of seed. It will generally discourage birds that aren’t interested in you while attracting birds. Filling your bird feeder with black-oil sunflower seeds is something you might want to investigate if you appreciate MOST birds. These seeds are popular with a wide range of bird species.

safflower seeds

  1. Squirrels

Use squirrel proofing tactics if squirrels take most of your bird seed. One strategy is to buy ears of corn and store them apart from your more expensive bird food. Another option is to use a squirrel-resistant bird feeder. Many feeders with weight-sensitive perching mechanisms are available on the market. When squirrels try to get the seed, their weight closes the feeding apertures, making the bird food inaccessible. If you use squirrel-proof bird feeders, larger birds will stay away from your birds’ food.

  1. Loyalty schemes are a third option.

On the internet, look for loyalty programs. Many different online businesses offer discounts and rewards in exchange for your loyalty. To take benefits of savings, sign up for loyalty programs.

  1. Prepare your bird feed.

Try producing your bird food like safflower seeds if you have the time and desire. Suet and other backyard bird snacks may be made using a variety of recipes found online. Making your food is more cost-effective, but it can also be a lot of fun!